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Like this one! Anywhere League was founded by Kathleen Burnett, who organized a guacamole-making social at work on the day she got married and was the only woman on her college quiz bowl team.

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The National Association of Working Women has what other name, which served as the inspiration for the title of a 1980 comedy and the iconic song from the soundtrack recorded by one of the film’s stars?


The only solo woman to have an element named for her, this Austrian physicist helped discover nuclear fission

Lise Meitner


Kim Ng of the Marlins started the 2021 season as the first woman in what role for a Major League Baseball team?

General Manager

In one of the first instances of pain relief for childbirth, which queen was given chloroform for the birth of her last two (of nine) children?

Queen Victoria

Tituba, an enslaved woman from Columbia or Africa, was the first person accused of witchcraft in what village?

Salem, Massachusettes

which woman, considered the first computer programmer, was taught math to counter the wild, artistic temperament of her father, the poet Lord Byron?

Ada Lovelace