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What common feature of many English-language place names in Asia comes from a Persian word for“place of”?

ANSWER: “-stan”, as in Kazakhstan (Place of the Kazakhs)

A cow belonging to an Irish immigrant named Catherine O’Leary supposedly started a fire in which city in 1871?

ANSWER: Chicago. Although another theory is that there was an illicit poker game going on in the barn.

In the 1860’s, a louse called the phylloxera nearly destroyed all of what crop in France?

ANSWER: Grapes. The surviving vines had to be grafted with cultivars resistent to the louse brought from the United States.

The All England Lawn Tennis Club is the venue for which major sporting event each year?

ANSWER: Wimbledon. It actually started as a croquet club

Who did the United States defeat in their final ice hockey game at the 1980 Winter Olympics to clinch the gold medal?

ANSWER: Finland. The famous “Miracle on Ice” game against the USSR was earlier in the tournament.

Which 1990s music festival took its name from the mythological first wife of Adam?

ANSWER: Lilith Fair. The feminist concert series got its name because the mythical Lilith refused to be subservient to Adam.

The Incan system of quipu used what material to record data and make calculations?

ANSWER: Rope. Knots were used to symbolize the encoded information.

Which international airport began its life as Orchard Place, a World War II airplane manufacturing site?

ANSWER: O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. It gets its code, ORD from Orchard.

What word for a type of pasta was also used to describe fashionable men in 18th-century Britain?

ANSWER: Macaroni. It’s why Yankee Doodle uses the word to describe a feather in his cap.

The Citric Acid Cycle is also known by what name, after the German-British scientist who helped discover it?

ANSWER: The Krebs Cycle. It’s involved in the respiratory process, in case you forget from 8th grade biology.