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Flexible Subscriptions for Virtual Team Building Trivia

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Forming virtual teams presents unique challenges, especially in establishing respect and trust to foster a sense of belonging. In remote settings, team leads often end up with the responsibility of facilitating the necessary team bonding for productive workflows and innovation…that’s where we come in!

Subscribe to monthly curated trivia quizzes straight to your inbox! Save time on planning icebreakers and conversation starters, and get to know employees on a genuine level at ease.

What you get with our remote-team subscription plan: 

  • 1 or 2 trivia quizzes per month
  • 4 categories per quiz
  • 6 questions per category
  • Curated themes each month that are workplace-friendly
  • Specifically designed to get people talking without requiring a trivia master!

What you do with the quiz is up to you! Post a question in Slack each day, ask a round of trivia during a weekly call, or plan a monthly trivia lunch on zoom, the possibilities are at your fingertips. We build our quizzes with remote teams in mind, offering categories on a variety of topics and that makes it possible for participants to feel like they can contribute.

A remote team subscription that the whole company will love.

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