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Animated People Chatting Throughout the Nations

Make employee engagement a weekly habit

Want to know how Anywhere League can work for your team?

Why Anywhere League?

What our customers say…

…because no one likes team-building activities that feel like you’re being forced to have fun.

…because it’s exhausting to find something new for monthly or quarterly social events.

…because creating team spirit is better when you’re actually playing as a team.

Self Portrait Of Animated Cartoon Woman

“Of course I’m here—I can’t let down the team!”

“I’ve been looking forward to this all week!”

See why over 90% of our teams come back for another season!

Weekly team-building works better 🗓️

Make socializing as a team a weekly habit instead of a monthly chore. People can come regularly or hop on if they’re free.

Made for a global audience 🌎

We have questions as diverse as your employees designed to give everyone a chance to share their knowledge. Trivia shouldn’t be intimidating!

It’s all about you 💬

We understand the importance of having time to chat and build bonds with your team. Our hosts are there to facilitate conversation, not to hog the spotlight.

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