Our Story

We’ve all been to team-building events that are just awkward. We’re here to provide an alternative.

At Anywhere League, we give you with a chance to socialize with your team and others working remotely outside from daily meetings. We want to make it as easy as possible to be involved so it’s fun, not stressful, and make team-building a habit for your employees.

I learned to love pub trivia nights in Munich’s expat bars. That’s where I learned two important things that make for a good quiz. One is that no one is there to be entertained by the host. Your mates are far more amusing, and they’re the ones you want to spend time with after all. Secondly, a good quiz is accessible to everyone regardless of where you’re from. That’s the spirit I want every quiz we offer to have.

Kathleen Burnett

Founder & Chief Nerd
of Anywhere League