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Mars in Popular Culture: Which cartoon character often threatens to destroy Earth with his "Illudium Q-36 Explosive Space Modulator"?

Marvin the Martian

Motown Records: In 1959 Barry Gordy founded Motown Records in which American city?


Rome: Which set of twins is central to the mythology of the founding of Rome?

Romulus and Remus

Volcanoes: What is the difference between lava and magma?

They’re the same thing, but magma is underground and lava is aboveground.

Bravo TV: Complete the following list: New Jersey (2009), Atlanta (2008), New York City (2008), ____ (2006)

Orange County (It’s the first five locations of Real Housewives shows)

This Round Is Not for Vegetarians: The “Democracy Sausage” is a fixture at many polling places in what country, known for its love of a barbecue?


The Olympics: Usain Bolt claims he ate over 1,000 of what over the course of the 2008 games in Beijing?

Chicken Nuggets

International Metro Stations: In which city can you find metro stations including Zoologischer Garten, Oranienburger Tor, Rotes Rathaus, Kurfürstenstrasße?

Berlin, Germany

Colors of the Rainbow: According to color theory, what do you call pairs of colors that are directly opposite each other on the color wheel?


The Periodic Table: Francium is one of five elements named after a currently-existing nation. Name one of the others.

Polonium, Gallium, Nihonium, Germanium

International Pop Stars: Which French electronic duo caused shockwaves on February 25, 2021 when they announced their split?

Daft Punk

Sample Quiz

Round 1: Original Language

You'll see the English titles of three various works (literature, music, film, etc.) that started off in another language. Name the language each set was originally created in.
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