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Frequently Asked Questions

Registering Your Team

Is it just for companies?

Absolutely not! Think of us as social sports for any group of friends or other organizations who want to have some fun together every week but can’t meet in one location to play kickball.

Does every individual player need to sign up?

Having your individual players sign up not only helps us make our quiz schedule, it also ensures everyone gets that week’s info. We find teams get more engagement if everyone stays in the loop. You can add players at any time during the season, though.

Why a six week season?

It’s our experience that team-building isn’t something that can happen in one session. It takes time. A six week season means more people get a chance to participate, and also allows us to offer a wider variety of categories so more players get a chance to show off their knowledge.

Can I sign my company up for a private league?

Absolutely! If you have a large group and want to play together, we can set up a private league for you. We suggest a minimum of 5 teams. Contact us for pricing and more information.

The Schedule

What is the schedule normally like?

Each season we customize the schedule based on the preferences given by the players when they register and may also be adjusted throughout the season to accommodate player needs. That said, there’s normally a mix of times around early and mid-afternoon, plus a few in the evening.

If there’s a specific time you’d like to play each week, such as during a happy hour or after standup, contact us before the season starts to let us know and we’ll do our best to add it to the schedule. (Note this will be on the schedule for everyone and you may have other teams show up.)

Can my team schedule a private quiz?

If you’re part of the Anywhere League and would like to schedule a specific time each week for only your team to do the quiz we’re happy to arrange that for a $150 fee.

At this time we are not offering private, one-off quiz events.

What if my team misses a week?

No worries! We understand that people are busy. You can complete the form version, but even if that’s not an option we’ll award your opponent for the week a win and give you credit for a tie.

Playing the Game

What are the questions like?

Check out our page with some demo categories/questions! We try to cover a variety of topics to appeal to a broad audience. We will also occasionally have players vote on the categories they’d like to see in the next quiz.

I’m not from the U.S. Will I get any of the questions?

Absolutely. While there will be the occasional round that’s a little more U.S.-specific, we try to make sure that everyone feels like they can participate during the season. For more info, check out our blog post on inclusive quizzing.


How do you decide the season champions?

Every week of the season, each team will be matched head-to-head with another team, and the records from these matchups will be compared to decide a winner. In the event of a tie, the teams’ average scores for the season will be compared.

Don’t people just cheat?

It’s been our experience that everyone’s here to have fun and we haven’t noticed any issues with cheating, but it’s something we keep an eye on. Even so, it’s really up to the players to keep things fun and fair. Basically, if it feels like cheating, it probably is and we ask that you refrain from it. And please, after you take the quiz think of the questions like TV spoilers. You can talk about it in general terms, but do your best to avoid giving away the specifics to your teammates to make sure everyone gets the same experience.

Are there any prizes?

Watch this space! We love the idea of swag and prizes and hope to offer them soon. Don’t set your expectations too high, though. Ultimately Anywhere League is about having fun with your team, and we want to stick to prizes of relatively little value to keep the emphasis on the game and not necessarily who wins.