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How Anywhere League Works

We take the hassle out of planning and hosting weekly social activities for your remote team to bond over; this is a team-building activity that doesn’t suck.

New season starts July 15!

Comic illustration showing the process of signing up on Anywhere-league.com

Step 1: Register your team.

We have options for however many people want to join the fun! A new 6-week season starts every month with new categories and questions. Each Monday during the season, your team will receive their head-to-head match up and categories for the week – two teams face off with each other for scoring purposes, but they don’t have to be on the same call!

Step 2: Pick a 45-min session time during each week that works with your schedule.

Public sessions are on a drop-in basis and each team gets their own breakout room – no need to register in advance or even do the same one each week! If you want to avoid the competition, private sessions are available for an extra charge. Winners are decided at the end of the week regardless of when you play.

🗓️ June Season Quiz Times

2:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT
06:30 PM ET / 03:30 PM PT
3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT
5:00 PM ET / 2:00 PM PT
3:00 PM ET / 12:00 PM PT  

🗓️ July Season Quiz Times

1:00 PM ET / 10:00 AM PT

05:30 PM ET / 02:30 PM PT

12:00 PM ET / 9:00 AM PT

04:00 PM ET / 01:00 PM PT

02:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM PT

Step 3: Get ready to play trivia and get to know your colleagues!

Join Zoom during your selected session time to play 5 rounds of questions on a variety of categories. A live host will facilitate each 45-min session to present the trivia questions and support teams in breakout rooms as needed! This is your teams time to socialize and get to know each other better.

Animated people taking a quiz

Step 4: Track the competition and secure bragging rights for your team’s awesomeness.

Results from weekly head-to-head matchups are reported via email each Friday along with fun facts on what question stumped the crowd, funniest answers, and the current standings. At the end of each season, the team with the best record is named the SEASON CHAMPS!

Join the fun for...


for a team of 15 people


for a small business of up to 50 people


for a large organization of up to 100 people

Still not ready to add a little spice to your team’s virtual engagement plans? Let us know what’s holding you back!

Obsessed with the nitty-gritty? Click here for in-depth quiz rules ►

  • A team can have up to 12 people playing at once.
  • Each quiz lasts approximately 45 minutes.
  • There are five total rounds.
    • The first four rounds each have a specific category. The names of each category will be shared at the beginning of the quiz.
    • Each round has six questions, worth one point each.
    • One of these rounds is always a picture round.
    • During the quiz you may select one of these rounds to be your bonus round and each question will be worth two points.
    • You can only select a bonus round while submitting your answers for that round. You may not go back after the answers have been given and name something your bonus round.
    • The final round is a puzzle or multi-part question that is worth five points.
  • Game play
    • All answer forms will be shared with the players in the chat window.
    • Only one person per team needs to complete each answer form.
    • The first sign-in form needs to be completed for each team before round one begins.
    • The host will read out the questions for round one, share that round’s answer form link in the chat, and then open breakout rooms for the players to discuss their answers.
    • Each team selects a player who will record their answers for them. This player generally shares their screen in the breakout room to discuss the questions and answers.
    • After approximately 4 minutes the host will close the breakout rooms. All teams must submit their answers for the round at that point.
    • The host will give the answers for that round and then read the questions for the next round.
  • Scoring
    • The total maximum score for the quiz is 35 points.
    • Each team’s score will be compared head-to-head with another team’s each week in a round-robin tournament.
    • Teams that win this matchup get three league points. If there’s a tie, both teams get one league point.
    • The team with the most league points at the end of the season are the season champs.
    • If there is a tie for season champs, the team with the higher average score for the season will be declared the winner.