Virtual Happy Hour

After nearly three years of being on everyone’s minds, the virtual happy hour recently passed away quietly. The death was not a surprise to anyone except Dave from marketing, who was under the impression that anecdotes about his ultramarathons were enough to keep the virtual happy hour alive.

In their early days it provided us with many hours of companionship when we had no other options. Those of us who loved it will never forget the way it stepped to be a social lifeline for coworkers, clubs, and anyone else who didn’t know what to do during the early days of the global Coronavirus pandemic.

Its awkward silences, compulsory time spent explaining what everyone is drinking, and comments about local weather will hold a nostalgic place in the hearts of those who knew them. Most of all, it will be fondly remembered for the breaks when everyone gave up and started putting their pets on the camera.

So raise a glass to the virtual happy hour. It had a good run, but we can all agree its time had come.

In light of the recent passing of our once beloved Virtual Happy Hour, we at Anywhere League would like to offer a bit of solace to your company and its upcoming virtual events. We’ve created 4 free rounds of Halloween Trivia that you can use to liven up your team’s Halloween gathering, or to send in the team Slack channel for an engaging work break.

Be sure to click the button below and enter password ‘spooky’ for full access.