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Introducing Prefect:

Startup life can be hard but also rewarding. Prefect, a tech company building an open-source data workflow orchestration tool, has been emphasizing a healthy company culture for years. They’re a remote workplace with occasional in-person gatherings, but this doesn’t prove sufficient to form interpersonal bonds due to its infrequency. It’s difficult to have unserious conversations with the people you work with when it’s all business all the time.  

“Working remotely has its benefits but it’s just straight up alienating  at times.”-Will R., Principal Product Manager

Before starting trivia with Anywhere League, Prefect tried a variety of different remote events, such as virtual workshops or classes, informational guides and tours, and wellness classes. Pretty much a little bit of everything. These virtual activities didn’t quite fit Prefect and their workplace community goals. Even with the most engaging of activities, it could be hard to get people to disconnect from email, Slack, and the dozens of other claims to their attention.

Another struggle was finding something that would appeal to all interests within large groups. Too broad and many participants feel left out. Too niche and it can feel awkward and disingenuous. So, the search began for a different outlet that created a fun opportunity for their team members to find connections with their fellow coworkers. Which is where Anywhere  League comes into play!

“I think Anywhere League is a great way to connect with people without it feeling “forced” and it also gives everyone an opportunity to participate since the topics are so varied.”-Erika G., People Operations Manager

Anywhere League’s trivia has given the employees at Prefect the opportunity to spend time with not only their own team but other teams that they don’t communicate with as much. Even in a small company work can feel siloed, so having a chance to hang out in a structured but informal way helps everyone come together.

It provides the perfect opportunity to learn about their areas of interest and hobbies, as well as share your own. Coworkers have been surprised to learn who is a closet Carly Rae Jepsen fan and who had the same major in college. The variety of topics means you never know what’s going to come up each week.

It truly is a team effort, as well. Colleagues at coworking spaces or on team retreats have been known to gather around a screen to play. There’s some regulars, but other employees will join in once every few months. They take advantage of Anywhere League’s flexible teams, and it helps make everyone feel like they can participate when they have a chance.

It also creates a reprieve from the onslaught of startup life and reminds them that they are all humans. Most of all, the trivia is fun, and a great break from the pressures of the week. Prefect has been using Anywhere League’s trivia since January 2021, with no plans of stopping. With Anywhere League, employees at Prefect have found the genuine connection in their remote work environment that they had been struggling to find. And who doesn’t like trivia?