Who is Simple Poll: 

Simple Poll is made up of a small and widely spread-out remote team. Their mission is to provide easily created polls and surveys that can be sent within the Slack app to assess opinions within an office quickly. In fact, they’ve been known to vote on answers to Anywhere League’s trivia. They had previously tried various other team-building activities during this hour before discovering Anywhere League. The process of finding new activities all the time and adjusting to new rules started to feel repetitive and “samey.” Anywhere League fit their needs in a way that helped socialize in a more relaxed, comfortable way. 

We went from “just being on a Zoom call” to “figuring out if the things on a list are types of cheese or breeds of dog,” and we’ve never looked back. 

-Kez (Simple Poll) 

Anywhere League proved entertaining and caused newfound discoveries about their coworkers in areas of their lives that are so obscure they don’t get mentioned. It can be surprising when the whole team discovers that the tennis-loving sports enthusiast is also really into Roman architecture. Or that one of your colleagues grew up with pet pigeons. It’s incredible how much they’ve learned about each other just because trivia brought up subjects that simply hadn’t come up before in their otherwise professional conversations. It’s created something that opens a door into the life experiences of your coworkers. Creating friendships with “those people you report to” quickly turns them into friends you are actually interested in talking to. 

“It builds connectedness with the rest of the team, which is crucial in a fully remote company. Not just during the actual hour of quizzing, but throughout the week too, because the topics from quizzes often lead to additional conversations with the team.” 

-Jakub (Simple Poll)

Anywhere League’s trivia also introduces an aspect of friendly competition throughout the week, with an online scoreboard that the team can view. Competition between Anywhere League’s other clients, where different companies can compete in a battle for niche knowledge, is also present. Of which Simple Poll’s team has won the last two seasons thanks to their expertise in different subjects. 

Anywhere League’s trivia allows remote teams to connect and bond in a way that isn’t repetitive and boring. Our quizzes are written each week by our team with curated variety and thoughtful subjects. These weekly trivia games have proved incredibly helpful in creating a workplace community in what would otherwise be an isolated online work environment. The questions provide ample opportunities for discussing the answers, sometimes with hilarious effect, without teams feeling discouraged. This type of non-pressure communication can be incredibly helpful in creating more comfortable relationships with coworkers, especially if you have never personally met any of them.