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The world’s most enjoyable alternative to awkward team-building events

“It’s the highlight of our week!”– Allison, People Operations Manager

Tournament-style trivia designed for remote teams to connect, engage, and collaborate.

Anywhere League makes team-building enjoyable

“It was great! We had so many more shared experiences to talk about at things like remote happy hours. Sharing trivia helped us build the habit of sharing knowledge, and company goals like revenue that used to seem abstract feel more tangible after coming together as a team to win at trivia.”

Rami C.

VP Engineering

“I have strong opinions on how to write good trivia and was really impressed. It’s really tough to make trivia that is accessible to a global audience, works well over zoom, is creative, and has a reasonable difficulty level.”

Jack B.

Software Engineer

“It’s so fun to have this weekly time to come together as a team in a non-work related way and just have fun answering some fun and sometimes really challenging questions! Couldn’t recommend this more for any company out there.”

Jen H.

Finance Director

Just ask these companies…
(Or put another way, meet the competition)

How it Works

Play one, 45-minute online trivia game each week over a 6-week season. Connect, bond, and work together as a team while you face off against other companies.

Why trivia for remote team building?

Because nothing brings your team together like trying to remember the anatomy of a flower from 8th grade biology. 🌷

Our weekly quizzes are expertly designed to:

  • Build trust

  • Encourage serious team bonding

  • Inspire friendly competition

  • Foster friendships outside of work

  • Enable you to collaborate as a team, wherever you are

And the benefits extend far beyond the game.

Close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50%, while people with a best friend at work are 7x more likely to be fully engaged. Other benefits include higher productivity, profitability, and customer loyalty. A win-win!

How is Anywhere League different from other virtual trivia games?

Made for a global audience

Our trivia questions are designed with global teams in mind. Play as a team wherever you are with categories that range from Taylor Swift videos and Nobel Prize laureates to dating profiles of the planets. 

Whether you’re a trivia master or just love to compete, the game is accessible for a variety of ages and difficulty levels.

Flexible, stress-free scheduling

Picture this: you plan a team event, but then half your people end up on a client call that runs late and miss it. With Anywhere League you can always participate in one of the other live quiz times for the week with no penalty or need to re-register. Just hop on the video call when your team is ready to play – you can even play in small groups at different times!

Teams work together

Building morale with your remote team is hard. When it’s time to connect, don’t pit them against each other! Unite everyone under a common goal by playing against a team from another company. 

Don’t worry, we match you with competitors so all you have to do is show up ready to win.